Hello, welcome.

As an entrepreneurial brand strategist, I build brands with sense, clarity, and character in today's tendencies.
I'm able to define the right fundamentals that enable brands to grow from their own true self.

You might wonder for whom? No specific industry. Over the last ten+ years, I familiarized myself with the fields of architecture, food, fintech, and lifestyle-driven D2C brands.

I find great joy in studying new projects with a beginner's mind. To converse with founders, and speak about their doings. Understanding their profession and their playing field, and finding the right insights to build on. I’m familiar with these phases of not knowing. Of valuing questions over answers. It’s something people praise me for. And, I believe, it's exactly what's needed to define brands that click.

It's a puzzle basically, manifested in language. 

So, what happens once I laid out the puzzle and defined all needed brand fundamentals? It’s time to act on it. With brand design, product, features, services, collabs, comms... The works. I'll stick around to keep it all on brand and enable it to evolve its relevance in this ever-changing world.

Get in touch if you care to discuss a potential project. I prefer to meet in person.

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