As an entrepreneur, I've started, ended, and failed various businesses. The one I'm most proud of, is our food label Celebrate What You Eat

With CWYE, we believe the way food connects people and how flavors can favor your vibe, is something to be celebrated. We brought this belief to life through products, events, collabs and parties.
Our warehouse was a lively place where our brands came to life. It wasn't just used for storage. We built in a studio and had our own little shop. It was a secret sandwich shop, we hosted speak-easy dinners, and whatnot!
We made our trade to make you celebrate what you eat. All the products made shared the following values; Celebrative by Nature. Obviously Well-Made. Surprisingly Good Tastes.
There was GinMayo & GinChup, unique, award-winning cocktail sauces with 2% alcohol that were made to make you celebrate what you eat. Made in collaboration with the iconic Zaanse and Bobbys Dry Gin.
There was Let’s Salsa, a series of hot sauces where “hot” wasn't about “burn”, but about touching you and your food in activating ways.

These hot sauces & syrups were flavor-focused, optimistically piquant, and positively addictive. The type of hot that made your food dance.
And there was Jean Cidre, a “Brut Breton Biologique” which was made to celebrate French summers all year round. This cidre was signed by its rich taste made from a well-balanced proportion of sweet, bittersweet, and acidulous apples. All from certified organic farming.

We started the label in 2019 but by the beginning of 2023, we were forced to close shop since we had to deal with some serious setbacks due to various price increases from our producers. Which made it impossible to build a healthy business.