Through a collaborative process, together with Build in Amsterdam, and key figures within Ace & Tate, we refined Ace & Tate’s brand positioning, which was defined and designed around their mantra: Bold Views. Responsible Actions. Nice Eyewear, too. Take another look.
With Build in Amsterdam, we kick-started our partnership by hosting a design sprint with a core team at Ace & Tate. Here we defined the brief + concept for the revamp of their very first flagship store. Which we used for envisioning their digital flagship store.
With Build in Amsterdam, we designed Ace & Tate's North Star e-commerce platform. Where familiar physical patterns blend into an adaptive interface. With a smart menu based on tabs, navigating the virtual storefront has never been easier or more intuitive. Inviting visitors to take another look.
Ace & Tate flagship store, on the Van Woustraat 67, Amsterdam.
To ensure cohesive brand communication across channels, we developed a fun and smart design language called Opto. Opto weaves a red thread throughout Ace & Tate identity, and effortlessly merges their physical & digital presence, ensuring a unified brand experience.
To recruit the right opticians, and to emphasize Ace & Tate's professional medical side, we documented some of their opticians and asked them to talk about their views. This all came together in Ace & Tate's Vision Statement.
Visit Ace & Tate’s Vision Statement.