Since this is my specific piece of the internet, I figured it’s the perfect place to pause and archive some of the things I’ve worked on, written, or is - in my belief - worth your time. Just so it won’t get lost.

Back in 2016, I worked with Pup Creative Agency to do the naming, branding, and positioning for TQ. A curated tech space founded by The Next Web and Google. A label for growth.
In 2018, I participated in a YourLab retreat for the first time. Back then, I got asked to write a piece about my experiences which I, to date, still enjoy and live by.
Sometimes you get the chance to work on projects that stick with you. Cityhub was that kinda project for me. In 2015, together with Festina Amsterdam, I developed the brand positioning for CityHub. Outside of doing the brand strategy I've been heavily involved in setting up various partnerships, the web/app development and building the PR strategy. A great project to work on!
Outside my interests in strategy, tech, and branding there is always this other passion; food. To celebrate this, I together with my friends from Mossel & Gin, set up Ribs Island in 2015. A sacred place where Bahawaiian pork ribs are slowly cooked over an open fire, put on a Surinam bun, and splashed with homemade sambal and pickled onions. That sure was great fun during Amsterdam's finest food festival; De Rollende Keukens!
This thought piece, written end of 2013, got me writing on a more regular basis. And still steers my act(ion) on social media.
Between 2012 and 2016, I collected stuff on technology that connected to the human sense. It started from an interest in the humanization of technology, and the ever smarter becoming web. Scrolling through it today shows how quickly or slowly innovation evolves. You decide.
In 2011, we unleashed the running movement in Amsterdam, with an actual runhouse, designed by ...,staat. A daily programming that connected the community with influencers (avant la lettre), an outdoor campaign, and a branded social tool, done with Boondoggle and Random Studios, we turned the back-then boring sport of running into something you people wanted to queue up for. And we we were awarded with a Webby Award, which to me, was quite a big thing!